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Detoxification, detox or cleansing happens daily in all our cells and especially the cells of our liver. So why focus on it? We need to help our body detox since we are living in such a heavily polluted world. The very air we breath and well as the water and our food come with toxins and chemical pollutants and the body cannot get rid of all of this. We need then to spend some time and effort to help ourselves detox from all this and here and in my books on Kindle is where I share the best of the best information on Detox.

How To Do An 80% Detox :-)

Detox is one of the most effective ways of boosting our energy, our health and giving our overworked immune system a rest. It is also rather complicated and can take a lot of time to accomplish and everybody wants shortcuts and quick fixes. So the market provides them with "Detox Overnight" foot patches, "Detox Weekends"… Read More »