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Food should both be a delight and a part of our daily routine of self care. What we choose to eat and drink can have a major effect on our health, appearance and energy levels. And it is not just our skin that suffers if we make poor choices our mental health can suffer as well.

Where Do You Get Your Protein If You Don’t Eat Meat?

Lots of us raised on a meat eating diet come across vegetarians and the vegetarian diet sooner or later. And we ask "Where's the protein? " And vegetarians and vegans who are usually slimmer and healthier than their meat eating cousins are totally fed up hearing that question so here we'll cover the ever present… Read More »

Are You a Barley Fan?

Comfort food and ancient grain, the Superfood, Barley, has something for everybody. I'm biased about Barley. My mother came from Scotland so I was brought up on Barley Soup, called "Scotch broth" by many! Whatever it's called this delicious soup got us through cold winters and was something to look forward to Its versatility means… Read More »

Is Buckwheat a Super Food

Buckwheat seems to have a wandering heart. It first settled into the US when Europeans brought it with them. And they received it from the Romans and other travellers from the east. How far east? As far as Tibet and China It has always been one of the crucial dependable crops that flourished in poor… Read More »

The Salt of the Earth Or a Deadly White Powder?

Salt is such a basic item in our lives that we hardly give it a thought – unless we have run into the thought police telling us that too much salt is bad for us. Which sounds odd to me really. We are accustomed to adding salt to most meals and to hearing phrases meant… Read More »