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Relaxation and meditation are 2 of the many Mind and Spirit techniques we can use to enrich our lives and boost our health.

Healing is Easy, Allowing is Hard

In previous articles in this Healing Series we have looked at fascinating questions about What is healing and How it happens. Today we focus on one issue, a stony issue, at the heart of healing, the issue of "Allowing". Wilt thou be well? Wilt thou be made whole? The old English in the King James… Read More »

This Healing Process…

Healing is a process. Put simply it is about becoming whole and that of course is where things get mysterious and interesting. Because if I ask you whether or not you want healing it implies that there is some wound or some stuckness in your life. And even deeper, whether or not you want to… Read More »

What is Healing Anyway?

Healing is one of the most used words in the world of health. We often use the word generally often broken legs and other fractures and without looking at exactly what is going on when we heal. Healing means mending; we can use the word to describe the apparently automatic process we expect to occur… Read More »