How To Easily Take Control Of Your Health

The most striking thing I notice when people talk about health is that they think of it as being just like the weather.

"It happens; and I didn't do it".

We don't nowadays blame ourselves if the day is cloudy or stormy neither do we generally blame a weather god, we turn instead to the weather forecast and check the facts so we can decide whether to take an umbrella, wear waterproofs or just stay at home.

It is the same with health actually only we do not realise that we have a lot of control of our health so we have a kind of passive accptance of disease rather than making choices and taking reponsibility.

So bear with me then as I take this idea forward and please join in on this and share your views in the Comments Section below.

Make a Decision, Take Responsibilty

So or the next few minutes at least we agree that "Weather happens" but diseases don't just happen.

An example…

Luciano Pavarotti, the late Italian Opera star got nicknamed, "Big Lucy" and was reported to weigh in at 300 lbs. He had several issues related to that, such as knee and spinal operations.

None of this affected his wonderful voice but clearly his health issues resulted from his weight.

Could he have taken control of his weight?


So what stopped him? Apparently Pavarotti was worried that if he lost weight his voice would suffer and his voice came first!

His mind and his fears got in the way of his health and he suffered accordingly.

It is the same for all of us – the person who can't give up smoking because who would he be if was not a smoker?; the white collar worker who relieves stress by drinking a bottle of 2 of wine daily, the student who lives on fries, burgers and sodas.

All of us have mental barriers hemming us in and keeping us in what we can only call a comfort zone.

We can walk out of our comfort zone easily once we realise that we are in it and that we can simply drop the junk food, the couch potato lifestyle, the addiction to wine/spirits or whatever our own self-imposed illusion is.


We need to raise our gaze above the daily hubbub and routines of life and see a bigger, more expansive and freer future. Yes we have duties to family and we all have a daily grind of commuting but we can find a way to breath more freely and sense a new possibility.

We can take control by feeling the possibility; we don't need to know the how at first we just need to feel the breeze of freedom on our cheek.

We can find our way to better health and healing if we want to.

Health Does Not Just Happen.

Yes we share our genes with our birth family and they may have a pattern of particular health issues but we do not need to suffer as they did.

We can form the wish and vision of better health and create an openness in our heart and mind of healing. We can begin to make better, healthier choices when grocery shopping and experiment with new foods.

We can choose to spend some time with other people who have a sense of agency or ownership over their lives and their health.

And as we get older we can choose to get healthier and not fit into social norms and expectations of losing health as we age. We can simply decide to get healthier and then we follow that up with simple questions we ask ourselves like "how can I easily improve my health?" and we'll find answers coming!

Are you up for this?

There is no burden to carry here, rather it is shrugging off of the shackles of "Genetic Doom" and powerlessness put on us by the white coated experts of the Medical Press and the pharmaceutical industry.

Or are you too comfortable as you are?

AuthorAlex Newell ND

I love learning and being healthy so as soon as I came across Yoga, read and practised to get the health benefits. When I was approaching middle age my health declined under the onslaught o stress and possibly poor diet, I had a perfect opportunity to learn more and I qualified in both Osteopathy and Naturopathy. Our health really is in our own hands and not in the hands of "The Doctor" or our Genes :-)

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